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Vehicle speed in Broad Hinton

The Parish Council requested that Wiltshire Council investigate the speed of traffic going through Broad Hinton. The study was run on the High Street in September and the following speed data was captured.

  • Average speed over 7 days was 27.3 mph

  • 85th percentile speed was 31.9 mph

  • 26.4% of vehicles were travelling over 30 mph

  • 4.6% of vehicles were travelling over 35 mph

  • 0.1% of vehicles were travelling over 45 mph

The detailed results are in the attached PDF.

046-028 - B4041 High Street, Broad Hinton SUMMARY
Download PDF • 547KB

For action to be taken the following thresholds must be met.

  • Community Speed Watch - 85th percentile speed of between 35.1 and 41.9 mph

  • Police Enforcement - 85th percentile speed of over 42 mph

This means that no further action will be taken.

The Parish Council is continuing to look at ways that we can improve road safety in the parishes.

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