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Wiltshire Council is our planning authority and controls development by responding to applications for permission to carry out new building, extensions, alterations or changes of use. Some proposals (like certain small extensions) are known as “permitted development”, which means that they can be built without further planning permission being required. However, in certain cases, permitted development rights may have been withdrawn by the Planning Authority and specific permission is required for any alterations to the property. In addition, other properties such as listed buildings or buildings in non-residential use – may have extra protection under other legislation or will automatically need to be made the subject of a planning application. Some areas are protected by special status, including for example Conservation Areas and Sites of Archaeological Interest. Here, special attention will be paid to development to ensure it does not harm the character, appearance or ecological value of that area. Planning Authorities are required to consult local Parish Councils on certain matters affecting their parish and a Parish Council is a statutory consultee of the planning applications affecting its parish. Any views expressed by the Parish Council will be taken into account by the Planning Authority before a decision is made. The final decision is made by the Planning Authority, not the Parish Council.

If you require information on whether you need planning permission or how to apply for planning permission, the direct link to Wiltshire Council’s planning advice, below, will answer your questions

The Planning Portal link below is an interactive house which will also answer many of your questions

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