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Questionnaire Results

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group ran the questionnaire between 21st July and 11th September 2022. Paper copies were distributed to every household and business in the Neighbourhood Plan Area. An online version of the questionnaire was also made available. The questionnaire was publicised in the Local News, Facebook groups, Village Hall and Parish Council websites, and the Village Hall e-news.


216 questionnaires were received, 112 paper and 104 online, including 53 pages of comments. The responses represented 542 people in total out of 809 residents (Census 2011).

We have created 3 documents which provide a summary.

Contains a summary of each section of the questionnaire as well as themes that were identified in your comments 

Contains a presentation of the content in the summary

Contains all the comments that you added to the questionnaire, edited for anonymity, and grouped by theme

Please contact the Steering Group with any thoughts, questions or comments at 

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