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New footpath

The new footpath connecting Post Office Lane and Pitchens End is complete.

This helps less mobile residents avoid the dangerous blind corner at the top of Post Office Lane and High Street when accessing the centre of the village and the main bus stops by La Strada.

Thanks to the persistence of Cllr. Candace Gaisford in securing the funding from the Lottery Fund and match funding from Wiltshire Council.

Thanks to Cllr. Allison Bucknell for supporting us in getting the match funding from the Wiltshire Council Local Highways and Footpaths Improvement Group (LHFIG).

Thanks to Steve Windel Landscaping (Winterbourne Bassett) for completing the work.

The final step is to remove the barriers at the Post Office Lane end of the path to allow even easier access, and this will be completed in the next few weeks.

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