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Declarations of Interest

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Since the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was formed in January 2022, we have all acknowledged that trust and transparency are key to a successful plan.

The rules of the Steering Group are described in the Terms of Reference and section “11 - Conduct” lays out the principles and practices that all members must follow.

As well as publishing meeting minutes, we have just created a web page with all of the Steering Group members and their Declaration of Interest forms. These declarations include employment, relevant contracts, land ownership, and any other matters considered relevant to the Neighbourhood Plan.

Each Steering Group member must make a public Declaration of Interests, and at the start of each meeting declare any interests that conflict with any items on the agenda. If they have conflicts, they must leave that part of the meeting and cannot take part in any related discussions or decisions.

If you can’t access the online Declarations of Interest, please contact Adam Gilmore (07969 290124, who can provide paper copies.

If you have any concerns or ideas on how we can increase trust and transparency, please contact the Chair of the Steering Group, Mark Miller (07830 395605,

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