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Update on Wiltshire Council services for Monday 19 September

There will be some changes to Wiltshire Council services on 19 September, following the announcement that there will be a national bank holidayto mark the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Here are the details of services affected on 19 September:

  • No collections of waste or recycling will take place on Monday 19 September. All collections due on the day of the Queen's funeral will instead take place Tuesday 20 September. For collections scheduled between Tuesday 20 and Friday 23 September we ask that bins and containers are placed out as normal by 7am, though some collections may not be completed until the following day.

  • All household recycling centres will be closed with normal opening hours resuming from 20 September.

  • Leisure centres will be closed with normal opening hours resuming from 20 September.

  • Libraries will be closed, with no mobile library service on offer on that day. Any books that were due to be returned by 19 September will be extended until 26 September. Books of condolence will be available in libraries until the end of the day on 20 September.

  • Buses will be running to Sunday timetables, therefore bus routes that do not normally run on a Sunday will not be running on 19 September. To find out timings on this date, please call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 or contact the local bus company.

  • Schools and colleges will be closed.

  • Registration services will only be open for scheduled ceremonies.

  • Our three main council hubs (Bourne Hill, County Hall and Monkton Park) will be closed.

  • All roadworks scheduled to take place on Monday 19 September will be suspended for the day, which may mean that the duration of these works are extended by a day. Highways operations will be emergencies only.

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