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Swire Ridgeway Arts Prize 2022

The Ridgeway – the oldest road in Britain – historically was a trackway providing a reliable trading route from the Dorset coast along the chalk Downs to the Wash in Norfolk. Today it is not only the oldest road but is also a wonderful resource for all the communities that live along its route, where all can enjoy walking, riding or just being there.

The Friends of The Ridgeway established an annual arts competition and prize – the Swire Ridgeway Arts Prize. For 2022 it will be held in April 2022 with an exhibition in Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall, Uffington on Saturday and Sunday 2 – 3 April 2022 with an associated online exhibition. The aim of the competition is to bring The Ridgeway to life not only as a long distance trail but also as an artistic inspiration, and to show The Ridgeway, its history and environs, in all their aspects throughout all seasons. The theme of the competition is ‘Spirit of the Ridgeway’.

The main points of the prize competition are:

  • There will be separate classes for painting, sculpture (including ceramics and textiles) , photography and writing (poetry or prose);

  • Competition is open to all artists, amateur and professional, of any age;

  • Art work submitted must be produced in the 24 months prior to closing date;

  • The results of the competition will be announced and prizes awarded at the Ridgeway Friends Day planned for 3 April 2022;

  • The closing date for entries shall be one month prior to the Ridgeway Friends Day (i.e. 3 March 2022);

  • The full rules of the competition are given in a separate document

Swire Ridgeway Arts Prize 2022 Rules
Download DOC • 61KB

All entrants will receive one year’s membership of The Friends of The Ridgeway. Each category winner will receive a keeper prize plus £100. The overall winner will receive a keeper prize plus £250 and a trophy.

To enter applicants should contact The Friends of The Ridgeway. Entrants need to complete the Entry Form and submit it with their art work.

Swire Ridgeway Arts Prize 2022 Entry Form
Download DOC • 53KB

Why not seek artistic inspiration from the Ridgeway and then, through the Swire Ridgeway Arts Prize, share it with all those that love and value the Ridgeway?

Further information can be obtained from:

Anthony Burdall, 2 Fernham Road, Faringdon Oxfordshire SN7 7JY

Tel: 01367 240713 Mob: 0784135 2938 Email:

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