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Parish Council Chairman's Statement



Parish Council meeting held on 1st March, 2022.

Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group have now had several meetings. We have 20 residents in the group all researching data and it’s all moving very quickly. Much of the progress had to do with the excellent work being undertaken by Cllr Adam Gilmore. It is planned that a report would be furnished to Councillors at each Council meeting.


The Parish Council have agreed to install a footpath across the grassy knoll in Pitchen’s End. The quotes we have in are all 5 figures. We have applied for funding from Royal Wootton Bassett Area Board to allow the work to be scheduled. In order to adhere to the required Wiltshire Council building standards, this was going to be an expensive project and the maximum grant we could expect would be in the order of £5,000.00. The Parish Council will contribute further and we will also have to fund raise for the rest.

Road Safety

Excellent progress has been made with CATG to secure the required improvements to the Elm Cross junction on A4361. Cllr Jim Gunter has successfully progressed the upgrade, which includes the re-siting and improving all of the signage. The good thing is that this is planned for the summer, so the long wait would soon be over. This would hopefully be followed by improvements to the WB turn off. There would be no change to the speed limit, but again the signs would be replaced and improved. The Parish Council will have to pay 25% of the costs for the upgrades.


After careful consideration we agreed to raise the precept by our agreed forecasted budget, which averages at only £9.42 per household rise for the forthcoming year. Our precept receipts had not been increased in many of the previous ten years and Wiltshire Council are also giving us more responsibilities. The cumulative affect has put us in a very difficult financial position where we would not be able to service our community properly unless we raised the precept and we will also still have to fund raise to meet demands for the forthcoming year.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee

The Parish Council have agreed to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with the White Horse Cricket Club at the Cricket Club on Sunday 5th June. A marquee, chairs, tables, bunting and flags will be provided. There will be games of rounders for residents to partake in and there will be Cricket Club Cricket match in the afternoon. The bar will be open from 11am – 3pm or more and although residents may bring their own food, a fish and chip van will also be there. All the residents of the Parish are invited.

Winterbourne Bassett will also be celebrating with a tree planting and a church service to commemorate the occasion, followed by a bring your own lunch at the Winterbourne pub car park, where the Kings of Knowing will be playing. Talks are also being had in reference to a beacon being setup and lit near the White Horse on Hackpen Hill.

Cllr Alex LaRoche Chairman, Broad Hinton and Winterbourne Bassett Parish Council The full minutes to our March meeting is available on the Parish Council website at

If you require hard copies of our meetings, please contact our Clerk, Peter Barry on 07860 407585.

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