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Our Neighbourhood Plan

A community-led initiative has begun, and a Steering Group formed, to produce a Neighbourhood Plan created and owned by the community. This local plan will form a long term, positive vision up to 2036.

Wiltshire Council have allocated a minimum of 25 new houses to our community.

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This local plan will form a long term, positive vision up to 2036. The plan must be taken into account when Wiltshire Council makes decisions. It will provide clear guidance to them on what matters to this community.

Our community will make decisions about the use and development of land and consider a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues. Our community’s plan can contain proposals for housing needs, planning, design, sustainability, the environment, transport and amenities.

Steering Group Members so far

Mark Miller (Chair), Damian Le Gresley, (treasurer), Adam Gilmore (secretary), Ade Rudler, Alex LaRoche, Alex Stevenson, Chris Wilson, James Hussey, James Keith, Kate Marshall, Paul Huggins, Peter Barry, Peter Cole, Tammy Beach, Tony Iles, Tristan Norman.

We will be holding three open meetings for discussion and questions about the Neighbourhood Plan and the process. Any resident is welcome at any of the meetings.

They are:

  • Thursday 9th June 4pm, The Winterbourne tea/coffee & cakes

  • Sunday 12th June 3pm, Broad Hinton Village Hall tea/coffee & biscuits

  • Weds 15th June 6pm, The Crown tea/coffee & biscuits

Overview of Neighbourhood Plan Stages

  1. Questionnaire to gather views from the community (delivered during June)

  2. Community decides long-term vision and objectives, the Neighbourhood Plan is created

  3. Wiltshire Council consult with our community and statutory bodies

  4. Independent examination of the plan

  5. Referendum on adopting the plan


Attend the Open Meetings

Complete the questionnaire

Work on the Steering Group

If you have any questions, please contact us on

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