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New Parish Councillors

Following the resignation of Cllr Adrian Smith in July, Broad Hinton & Winterbourne Bassett Parish Council called for residents of Winterbourne Bassett to put themselves forward to be co-opted onto the council.

We were delighted to receive two applicants for the role and after interviewing both applicants the council has unanimously voted to co-opt Lesley Catling to fill the open Winterbourne Bassett councillor position and also to co-opt Tony Iles to fill one of the two open Broad Hinton councillor positions.

Lesley has been a resident of Winterbourne Bassett for 33 years and brings experience as a health professional and small business owner.

Tony has been a resident of Winterbourne Bassett for 4 years and was formerly a resident of our neighbouring parish Winterbourne Monkton & Berwick Bassett for 11 years and served on their Parish Council for 6 years. Tony brings this councillor experience as well as the relationships and skills that he has developed through managing a large construction business.

Please join us in welcoming both Lesley and Tony to the Parish Council.

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