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Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire launch

We’ve made great progress over the last few weeks and the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire is ready. It will be delivered to every house and business over the next few days.

Please complete the questionnaire, so your opinions are included.

The Neighbourhood Plan will become a material consideration in all future planning applications and will also focus actions by your Parish Council to realise the vision set out in the Plan. This could affect you personally.

The questionnaire allows you to share your views on what’s important to you about our wonderful community. It covers:

  • Information about you and your household

  • Creating a vibrant community

  • Sustainable development

  • Heritage and environment

  • Traffic and transport

  • Communication about community matters

It’s in an easy to respond format, some tick boxes and some space for free comment, so you can let us know what you think and contribute towards the Neighbourhood Plan. The questionnaire will arrive in an unsealed envelope, which you can use to return it to a number of places.

We would like at least one return per household, so you can choose to complete it together. We are only distributing one paper copy per household however, so if you have differing views and want to complete one each, you can complete it online at Alternatively, you can contact us at to get additional printed copies. Any members of the household who are temporarily living away (e.g. at university) may also complete the questionnaire.

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