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Local community energy project

A community group has recently been formed to look into setting up a community energy project in our neighbouring parish of Bushton.

We are evaluating options for a community energy project as part of our Neighbourhood Plan but also recognise these can require a large number of members to get them funded and hence supporting this nearby effort may be worthwhile.

Details from the organisers are below. Join the online meeting to find out more.


A group chat led by Tony Currivan, drawing on the experience of our groups to explore the why, what, how, bumps in the road and benefits of many forms of community energy.

Join us in a Zoom online meeting to look at how community energy schemes can be developed.

7pm on Wednesday 26th July 2023

Meeting ID: 823 6235 5004


1. Intros

2. Why community energy

3. What

- The many types of community energy e.g. heat pumps, wind, solar, storage, micrograms

4. How

- Alternative models for community engagement

- What is a community energy company (CEC)?

- What forms can they take? How do they work?

- Setting up a CEC

- What is the process? How do you start?

5. Bumps in the road

- What are the barriers and common issues (planning, govt policy, grid capacity etc)?

6. Next steps

- What advice and help is there?

- What might the future hold for new CECs?

7. Questions and discussion

- Ask your questions, share your experience, agree next steps

Come hear from WCA group members, local industry experts and bring YOUR experience to share.

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