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Housing Needs Assessment and Local Plan

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Last summer, 216 of you filled out a questionnaire that helped the Steering Group form a vision for our community from 2024 to 2038. In January, we shared that vision and a set of objectives in the Local News, online and in several open meetings.

“Our vision is to conserve the distinct rural character and heritage of the chalk downland villages of Broad Hinton, Winterbourne Bassett and Uffcott, while ensuring a safe and thriving community.”

Since then, we have been turning that vision and set of objectives into draft policies with supporting evidence. One of the key objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan is “Local Housing Needs”. Last month we published the AECOM Site Assessment report that looked at potential sites for housing and community uses. This month we are publishing the AECOM Housing Needs Assessment that looks at the housing our community needs.

Housing Needs Assessment

The Steering Group engaged AECOM to produce an independent Housing Needs Assessment for our community. Some of the key findings are below.

Demographic changes

There were several significant changes over the period 2011-2021 (Census 2021).

  • The community shrank by 31 people in the past 10 years, to 778 residents.

  • We are getting older, with a 32% increase in ages 65-84 and a 62% increase in ages 85 and older.

  • There was a decrease of 16% in younger adults aged 25-44 and there are 29% fewer children aged 0-14 in our community.

Affordability and Affordable Housing

AECOM analysed how affordable current homes are in the parish and identified what the demand for affordable housing options is over the Neighbourhood Plan period 2024-2038.

  • The median house price in our parish in 2022 was £462,750, compared to the Wiltshire median house price of £320,000.

  • To buy an entry-level home in our parish would require an annual household income of 2.5x the current average for the area, as well as a very large deposit.

  • There is a large group of households in the parish that can afford to rent but can’t afford to buy.

  • AECOM estimate the following demand for additional Affordable Homes.

    • Affordable Homes for rent = 5

    • Affordable Homes for ownership = 34

Types and sizes of housing

AECOM analysed the types and sizes of current homes in the parish and produced a forecast of future demographics and housing need.

  • Most households live in detached houses (67%), with the proportion living in semi-detached and terraced houses declining over the past decade. Bungalows account for 14%.

  • Over 50% of households lived in 4+ bedroom houses, with a third living in mid-sized 3-bedroom, 13% in 2-bedroom houses and less than 3% in 1-bedroom homes.

  • The number of households with dependent children decreased by 17%.

  • Under-occupancy is high; 88% of households have at least 1 extra bedroom based on their household size and 80% households with no children have 2 or more extra bedrooms.

  • Households aged 65 and over are projected to increase by 78% by 2038.

  • Households aged 75 and over are projected to increase by 57% in the same period which means there is an increased need for specialist housing.

  • AECOM recommend a higher proportion of smaller and mid-sized houses and a decrease in the proportion of larger 4+ bedroom houses.

You can read the full report and a summary here:

This assessment should be considered alongside what you told us in the questionnaire:

New Local Plan

You may be aware that Wiltshire Council are producing a new Local Plan which defines the policies that will determine development in the county from 2024-2038. The new Local Plan is about to be made available for consultation before it is submitted to central government for approval - you can find out more here.

In the current Local Plan, Broad Hinton has a housing requirement of 25 homes. In the new Local Plan that requirement is zero. This change is due to several factors including housing having been delivered in Lyneham and Purton, and some environmental constraints.

Although the new Local Plan does not require any housing from Broad Hinton as it did before, planning policy still empowers Neighbourhood Plans to address our local housing needs.

Wiltshire Council also requires a residual 563 homes in our Housing Market Area. There is an expectation that Neighbourhood Plans contribute to this total requirement, and we need to be mindful that speculative development may also be supported by Wiltshire to meet these numbers.

The Steering Group feel that the change in Wiltshire Council’s housing requirement doesn’t change what we have always been trying to achieve – a vibrant and sustainable community. Our view continues to be that the housing policies in our Neighbourhood Plan should reflect our community’s need for additional housing to ensure this.

Come to the community meetings in September to hear and discuss the details.

  • Monday, 18th September, The Winterbourne, 19:00 – 21:00

  • Sunday, 24th September, Broad Hinton Village Hall, 14:00 – 16:00

  • Monday, 25th September, Broad Hinton Village Hall, 20:00 – 22:00

If you can’t make these dates and times and are really keen to be part of the conversations, let us know at or speak to one of the Steering Group.

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