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Defibrillator Checking - Volunteers Needed

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Most of you will be aware that Winterbourne Bassett has its own Defibrillator situated round the side of the Winterbourne Pub. This is a critical piece of equipment and SW Ambulance like it checked once a day. When it was set up, a group was formed who undertook to do the checking, but over the years this group has diminished and now needs re-forming.

In the Defibrillator mounting there is a small light, which should show Green. If there is something wrong, it goes to Red. All that is needed each day is for the colour of the light to be visually checked.

Would you be prepared to help do this not very onerous task?? Every month I as Clerk, send out a list of who should check on each day. All that is needed is for you to wander past the Pub and check on the light colour. If Green, no action is needed, but if Red, you just need to inform me and I will take it from there.

We would all be very grateful. If you are prepared to help, could you contact me on one of the following:

Phone: 07860 407585

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