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New Solar Together scheme launched

Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council are working with iChoosr, independent experts in group- buying, to launch a second Solar Together scheme, following the success of the first in 2022.

The Solar Together scheme offers a cost-effective way for residents and businesses to purchase solar panel and battery storage installation.

How does the scheme work?

  1. Register without obligation from 5 June: in Wiltshire via or in Swindon via

  2. Auction: Solar Together’s approved solar installers will bid for the work in a reverse ‘auction’. The most competitive offer, from these pre-vetted installers, wins the auction.

  3. Personal recommendation: Individuals will be emailed a personal recommendation for their home based on the details they provided during registration. This will include the costs and specifications for a complete solar panel installation.

  4. The decision: the decision is then up to individuals as to whether they want to accept or decline their personal recommendation. There is no obligation to continue and they will have four weeks to decide. If they choose to go ahead and accept with Solar Together, a £150 deposit is required, which is conditionally refundable.

  5. Installation: if they accept, the winning installer will contact them to survey their roof and set an installation date. All installations are planned to be completed six months after accepting.

You can find out more at

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